About Chandeliers

What styles do chandeliers come in?

When it comes to shopping for chandelier lighting, there are a huge range of shapes, sizes, colors and designs to select from. First, you must determine where you want to place your chandelier. Do you want to brighten up your bedroom, or perhaps liven up your kitchen? You’ll want to choose a chandelier that will complement your space. While it’s always nice to find something that completely matches your decor, sometimes the perfect piece is the one that pushes the boundaries. With that in mind, look for something unique and original that won’t overpower your room or look out of place. An antler chandelier is a popular choice, as is an orb chandelier; a crystal chandelier will always provide an element of elegance unmatched by other light fixtures. There are dozens of options available, including not-so-traditional materials like rope, mason jars and branches.

What size should my chandelier be?

Determining the size of your new light fixture will depend on several key factors:

How big is the room? Be sure the overall size of the chandelier is not too big or small for the room it will be installed in. If you’re guessing, it’s best to choose something slightly too big rather than too small.

How high is the ceiling? A higher ceiling will typically need a larger light fixture.

Will the chandelier float over a table or an island? If so, make sure the fixture doesn’t overpower the table or kitchen island when suspended over it.

Add your dimensions together. A general rule is to add the width and length of your room together to determine the proper size. For example, a room that is 12 feet by 14 feet would need a fixture that’s 26 inches in diameter. If choosing a fixture to suspend over a table or an island, look for one with a size that’s approximately three-quarters the width of your table.

Consider vertical space. You want your chandelier to hang no more than 7 feet from the floor and 30 to 32 inches from a tabletop.